Weiner Dogs Apologize on Behalf of Congressman Anthony Weiner

If you haven’t been following the news lately, Congressman Anthony Weiner (representative from State of New York) got caught doing something naughty.

So what did he do exactly?

He sent an inappropriate picture of himself to some women online.


Nope. Not email. He TWEETED it.. and the WHOLE world saw it.

It’s equivalent of putting your final nail in your political coffin.

To apologize for Mr.Weiner, here are are weiner dogs re-enacting Mr.Weiner’s apology (Thanks to BuzzFeed)

IT’s ok Mr.Weiner, you are not alone.


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  • Rose Hall

    this is not funny at all in fact it is degrading to the public and I see that you must be a teabagger and a repulisve party of NO(republican) follower.Did you make any of these remarks when Vetter was sexposed, when the rest of the repulsive party of NO (republican) congressman and governors were expossed? NO you did not what about Boner and his screwing 2 or three other women. Did you do anything like this because of t=his adultery? NO SO GOOD BUY AND I WILL MAKE SURE YOU ARE EXPOSED AS A BIGOT

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