Well Adjusted Doggies

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img_7256We recently moved to SoCal and our doggies are already pretty comfy with their surroundings. Although they were quite antsy during the drive down, they did a great job holding their pee till our single rest stop. Good job, boys! I was afraid Brownie would yack, but he didn’t 🙂

My mom is still concerned that they’ll pee and poop while we’re gone, but unlike their behavior at my Parent’s, they’re superly well-house trained with us. I’m not so sure why. I’ll just guess that my parents don’t give them enough time to pee and poop before closing the doors. Anyway, no accidents so far 🙂 In fact, I think their diet is pretty good these days. Nice firm good colored poop. I think the mixture of home-made dog food and regular dog food is doing its job. *Self pat on the back*

Our next adventure would be to explore the new dog parks and dog meetups that are around the area. I think we’ll check one out today and hopefully post some pictures 🙂

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