What Do Cops Do With Cat Roadkill?

roadkill-cat-wall-artSo I was meeting some old co-workers for lunch today and not too long before I was approaching the turning light a cop car did a side maneuver and turned on his caution lights. Since he turned so quickly next to me (but over a lane over), I had no idea I was supposed to stop. I figured people behind me were since they obviously had time to react, but not me since I was right next to the cop car when he did it (which also means I was already moving passed him by the time he did a full stop).

As I drove slowly ahead, he ran out of his car and started screaming at me to stop in an angry tone. I stopped and looked back and realized why the hell he did that crazy maneuver. He was kicking a cat that was killed in the middle of the road to the side. Mind you, he definitely didn’t do it with grace. As soon as he finished, he drove up to my car and continued to yell, “You are supposed to stop 300 ft behind me!” and then drove off angrily running the red light ahead to make a U-Turn.

First of all, it was much less than 300 ft by the time he did that. It’s not like I saw him hundreds of feet early like everyone else behind me. Secondly, he didn’t have to be so rude. My assumption is that he had a bad day, especially if his duty was to angrily kick a bloody, dead cat off the road. Cops can be such jerks, but at least he didn’t give me a stupid ticket. (disclaimer: I do have respect for cops who are worth respecting)

Anyhow, can you believe it? They don’t clean up the cat mess at all. They just kick it to the side of the road and let it rot. I had this impression that roadkill gets bagged and tossed somewhere, but then again that shouldn’t be the case since diseases can spread. Maybe it’s not the cops job? If not, then is there someone who actually handles it or do the people just have to deal with it? I always wondered about this, but never knew the answer.

In light of the matter, happy early Cinco de Mayo! Our chihuahuas will celebrate with some good ole beer. 🙂

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  • Simone

    woooow that is re-donk-culious.. what a bad driver and a jerkface.. as to your pondering question i think its a morbid minded worker of the animal control dept takes care of roadkill.. have a good cinco de mayo!

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