What To Do With Your Pet’s Body


According to this site, there are several options related to taking care of your pets body after it has passed. They list the following:

Home Burial – Digging a hole and  putting your pet in your backyard. My family has always done this.

Cremation – This seems to range anywhere from $30 to $350 bucks depending on how you want it done.

Pet Cemetaries – Prices will vary and can be costly if you’re paying a monthly fee.

Pet Taxidermy or freeze-drying – I wouldn’t want to see my pet frozen on my counter, but some ppl do.

Veterinary Hospital Care – Basically you’d surrender their body.

Educational Memorial – Basically turning them into cadavers for research.

Personally, I’ve had many pets buried in my backyard….dogs, birds, rabbits, fishes….but as of this moment, I think I would actually like to cremate my dogs and scatter their ashes somewhere nice when it’s time for them to go.

This may be a sensitve subject for some, but just like human bodies, I feel that it is important to think ahead to save the financial headaches down the line.

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