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By Beverly Boyd

Dearest Margaret,

Echo’s quality of life is the question here.

I know that it is a heart-wrenching decision for you and your family but you must think of your beloved Echo.

Kindly put yourself in his paws; if he is still fading even if you are giving him his medicine it seems to me that it is his time to go to The Bridge.

I have a pomeranian who goes by the monicker of Dudley. We have been inseperable for going on 11 years (I never had any children) therefore Dudley IS my only family, when the time comes and his eyes say to me “mommy it’s time for me to go” I will do what needs to be done.

I will be there when the Dr. administers the necessary cocktail to help him on his journey and my eyes filled with love for him will be the last thing he sees as he heads toward The Bridge.

My advice to you is that when you do make that final decision please don’t make Echo go without your loving face to be there.

It will be very difficult for you but ask yourself “when it’s time for me to go would I want to go to Heaven without my loving family by my side to send me on my way with their love?”

Even though you may think he does not know you or is forgetting who you are in his heart he will know you by the loving way you tell him goodbye.

I hope this helps in a decision that is hard to make and please know that Dudley and I send our love and prayers to you and your beloved Echo.

Prayers from us both,
Dudley and his momma, Beverly

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