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By Cassandra

Dear Margaret,

I am so sorry for what you, Echo and your family are going through.

He is beautiful. I lost my 18 year old dachshund, Ziggy, to a brain tumor last September.

I had to have him put to sleep and it was one of the most difficult things I have had to do.

There is nothing that I would not have tried to extend his life if it would have given him good quality of life.

But he was suffering and there was nothing else that could be done to alleviate his suffering.

I had to do what was best for him no matter how much that hurt me.

And it was so so difficult.

It sounds like Echo is in a similar situation.

Has Echo been prescribed all the available meds to help?

If so, and he is still in tremendous pain I think it is time to end his suffering.

I know it is terrible no matter what you do.

But try to think about what life is like for him right now.

And listen to your heart.

I am so sorry .

You will all be in my thoughts.

Sincerely, Cassandra Scott

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