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By Charlotte

Hello! my name is Charlotte.

First i would like to tell you, how very hurt my heart feels for your family.

This is a horrible thing to go through.

If you don’t mind i would like to share a similar story.

We had a Golden Lab from the time he was 6weeks old till his passing which happened to fast for us.

We noticed alot of things you were saying about Echo, was exactly like our Woodrow.

His symptoms started one week, by the second week, he was growling at things that were not there.

By the 3rd week, he collapsed, he was chattering his teeth, and rolling his eyes to the back of his head.

I picked all 75 pounds of him up rushed him to animal emergency, where they watched him, and he did the same thing again while there, and took his last breath.

That is when we were told that he eaither had a tumor or an aneurysm in the brain.

That was a first for me and alot of our friends and family to find out that our furry family friends can have alot of health issues just like us.

It was very hard on the kids when i came home without part of our family.

All these years later, i am glad that the kids were not there for that, we had pictures of woodrow, the ones each child had the best memory of him with, blown up, framed, and then gave them a blank frame.

when asked “What’s the blank frame for?” we told them when ready, we would adopt a new friend and make new pictures, to put by our old friend who would be forever in our hearts.

It really did help this heartbroken family!!!!

I sure hope and pray that all goes well for your family and Echo.

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