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By Cher F.

In regards to Margaret’s story its a sad one.

I feel for the whole family .

This is what I would do , go get another opinion from another vet see if the answer is the same.

No one wants to see their beloved pet suffer never mind the thought of putting them down .

Not sure what stage your dog is in or is the vet you saw gave you any medication ? I found a link that night be helpful :

From what I read regarding your beloved pet Echo it will only get worse the pain the disorientation , etc .

Unfortunately some breeds (golden retrievers) are prone to certain medical conditions .

All pure breeds are prone to something medically .

As hard as it is to make that decision to put your baby down , please think of this since they can’t speak and tell you how they really feel.

This is something Echo can’t fight off and beat.

Look in Echo’s eyes he will tell you when it’s time

That Echo loves you and the family for the wonderful life you have all given him .

I do understand how you all feel

My Rottweiler , Buddy was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (Bone Cancer) in his front right shoulder back in March 2008 .

We took him for a second opinion and Buddy was put on pain medication .

We even did a biopsy in hopes that the diagnoses was wrong .

Surgery was not an option as he weighed 160 lbs .

I loved my baby boy so much!

Even tho he had to be helped in and out of the house this took over on him .

Not even 2 months after the diagnoses on May 15th, 2008 , I was making the call the vet.

Buddy was crying so hard , couldn’t walk , didn’t want to eat , or drink.

Buddy’s eyes told me that it was time to let my precious boy go and not let him suffer any longer .

I cried for days for my precious boy , I miss him so much , even to this day – he was one of a kind.

My mom who was in her 80″s called Buddy her “Gentle Giant”

Buddy is sadly missed , but not forgotten and will remain in my heart forever !

I hope in some way my story helps , this decision is never an easy one.

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