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By Christina Weins

I have recently been through this myself with my Newfoundland mix, Gus.

He was only 8 years old & had Osteosarcoma, which is bone cancer &it travels very quickly.

WE went through Chemotherapy & thought we had conquered the cancer only to find out that it had spread throughout his body.

It killed me to watch him like this & in my heart I knew that he was in pain & I had to seriously evaluate his quality of life.

It wasn’t very good.

He was a rescue from a shelter as all my dogs have been and are & he had overcome so much that it wasn’t fair that this was happening to him now.

I ended up having my vet come to our house & we humanely euthanized Gus.

It was much more peaceful for him at home & it was the right thing to do for him.

I still cry to this day for him, it will be one year on June 18th that he went to heaven.

We have another shelter rescue & this guy heals my heart but your heart will always have a place for your pup.

You have to consider what he’s feeling pain wise & if he’s not functioning normally as he used to.

I was selfish in doing chemo with Gus because deep down inside I knew it was only keeping him alive for a short period of time & that he was still in pain, actually more & this wasn’t right to do to him.

I have him in my heart & miss him terribly, but he’s not in pain anymore & that’s what’s important.

It’s a very hard choice to make, but think about the condition he’s in & his pain & suffering.

If you want to talk to me please feel free to contact me. God bless your pup & you folks.

Christina Weins

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