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By Debbie Cebel

Well, this story is very moving and coming from a family of “pet lovers”, we have all endured, and despised, the grief of losing a furry family member.

Our black flat-coated lab, Trevor, had a battle with cushings disease around the age of 14.

He slowly dwindled away.

He began to bald, had extreme water weight piling on, his hips eventually gave out to where he would whine because he just couldn’t get up to urinate if we couldn’t get him out in time.

The worst was when he began to get “snappy”.

Something he NEVER was at any point in all his great years with us.

Thousands of dollars spent later, my parents decided it was time to do what was kindest and best for HIM… those words your 5-year old hates, “put down” our beloved “puppy”.

The day the vet came to do it (she was amazing & made a house call to make sure he was comfortable) it was as if he knew.

Trevor struggled to get up, but he did it through whining, wagging his tail and waddling his way over to lick each of us in the house before we went to school or work.

As hard as it is, we all always have to think of what is right for them.

It will never be easy for any animal lover to put their “babies” to rest.

However, it is in the long run an ease of mind when you know they don’t have to go through with what they were.

As for your little one… it is best, in my opinion, to make her understand as best as possible how hard & in some cases, dangerous, it may be if he is losing memory.

It would be a huge relief to do it quick and kindly than to make him suffer any longer.. – Saying this ONLY from past experiences with numerous pets (cats, dogs, birds, cows..etc.)

Know that there are many people right there in the same boat and that he has clearly lived a great life with you guys!

God bless you all & do what YOU feel is best for him!

If there is counseling, definitely, take your daughter if you think it will be best for her.

Hope to hear what the outcome may be!

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