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By Debby Hoyman

Dear Margaret,

My heart goes out to you & prayers.

No one can really tell you what to do when it comes to a beloved pet suffering & in pain.

I can only share my story & hope you get some consolation from it.

Some yrs.ago I had my dog, Shanna, 14 yrs. old end up w/shepherd’s hip arthritis & was probably 90% blind.

She cried to sleep every night, could no longer go outside by herself (which she loved doing) & couldn’t walk very well – she got worse as the months went by & even the medication the vet gave me for her no longer helped.

I would sit with her & hold her every night til she fell asleep, then one night she looked up at me crying & I knew I could no longer have her endure the pain she was feeling.

It was the most difficult & painful decision I’ve ever had to make for the dog I loved since she was 4 mos. old.

I contacted the vet & made the appt. to put her asleep – it was almost like Shanna new what was going to happen, she perked up for the next several days, even paying more attention to my 2 other dogs at the time, her way of saying goodbye.

When that day came, we went for a walk then into the vet’s office (was just a block from my house) thru the back door.

It was just Shanna, me & the vet – I held her while the vet gave her the shot.

As I cried terribly, Shanna licked my tears away & fell sound asleep in peace.

She’s waiting for me in heaven & we’ll be together again.

I think about her often, watching over me & the dogs (“my boys”) I now hv.

She’d love having them as brothers.

I didn’t have “family” to take into consideration when I made my decision, so I know it must be difficult for other’s involved in loving your dog too.

You’re vet might be able to come to your home & then you can have a funeral in your backyard so your daughter will understand how much you loved your dog too.

An animal in pain & suffering is just like us humans being in pain & suffering, sometimes we just have to let go as difficult as that is.

God bless you –

Debby H.
Ellijay, GA

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