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By Heather Pye

Dear Margaret,

I am so sorry about the situation your family finds itself in.

Life is HARD.

There will be losses.

I think you know the answer to your question.

You all love Echo very much.

Sadly, dogs have a much shorter life span than we humans do.

You say he is in pain and suffering.

Ending that suffering is the most loving, and most difficult thing you will ever do.

Your daughter loves Echo.

She doesn’t want him to suffer, does she? It is hard for children to understand, but she must learn that we eventually have to say goodbye to those we love.

She will at some point experience the loss of a human she loves too.

We do not have the opportunity to end a human’s suffering, but if it were you, would you want to live in pain and confusion? Please do the most loving thing and help Echo go to the Rainbow Bridge.

Yes, a counsellor for your daughter is a wonderful idea.

I had to talk with a counsellor, me, a full grown, 50 something woman, when I had to make that most difficult decision.

It will teach your daughter about love, loss, and compassion.

Keeping him suffering like that is actually a very selfish thing to do. P

lease do the right thing.


Heather Pye

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