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By Judith Knight

Hi Margaret and PawshPal followers;

Go and talk to the Veterinarian.

I worked in a Veterinary Clinic and you can not ask for better yes they think of the furry member of the family and they even try to do their best at counselling us humans.

The final decission comes down to you and your family, and what can you live with?

If you were your dog and given a choice live life in pain 24/7 and get worse or be put down what would your choice be if you were your dog?

It is hard to say good bye and I was four when we had to put our Spaniel down yes it hurts however she was in a lot of pain and the Vet was a great counsellor to our family giving us reassurance and it is for the best for Goldie our Spaniel.

A year later we got another dog.

Your dog is living in pain 24/7 if you were your dog would you want to continue to live if you had a choice to live life in pain and get worse or be put down.

Yes it is hard decision.

Which decision can you and your family live with?

What ever your decision is I am rotting for your dog and family.

Please keep us informed.

I have a good idea what Noah’s Wish would tell you or some of the Humane Societies in California as well as the rest of North America.

Now that I am older and wiser I hope, now I see why we put our pets down, one of our dogs got Alzheimer’s and we ended up putting her down.

What diseases we get our pets can get too.

You make it sound like your dog just might have Alzheimer’s and yes they forget and go to the bathroom where ever and can not ever be left alone and out of sight from a Human in the family.

I am talking from a lot of experience, grew up with dogs, cats, birds, and other animals.

Today not really changed much, help with Disaster Response rescuing pets and still have pets which are big part of our family.

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