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By Kathy Johnson


I’m very sorry to hear about Echo.

More than once I have been in your shoes and I know how hard this decision can be.

I’m a firm believer that whats best for my best friend is what I would do.

I know someone who had a dog (Happy) and it became ill.

They vowed to do everything they could to keep her alive.

Everyday they were giving Happy.

They didn’t know to what degree the medicine helped becuse she couldn’t tell them.

After 9 months of medicine they wound up putting her down.

I am such an animal lover that the thought of having to do this hurts my heart.

I had a dog who was sick, I have considered myself selfish when it came to her life.

I kept her for our family rather then doing what was best for her.

Everyday she had pain.

We didn’t want to let her go, but after we did we knew she was in a better place.

We had her cremated.

I know that not all people believe in cremation, but we are happy we did it.

We bought a little treasure chest from the craft store and painted it for her.

She is with us everyday.

We have a different dog in our family now.

We have a new family member we love very much, but she hasn’t replaced our other one.

As with any death the pain gets less with time, but no one is ever forgotten.

I pray the best to all of you.

Many pet hospitals know if there is a grief support group for families of pets.

Your daughter is old enough to know what has happened no matter what you do.

She may benefit from something like that.

I don’t know what type of pain Echo has, but one of the worst pains I have ever experienced is a headaches.

Best wishes to all.


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