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By Linda Betances

Hello Margaret,

Let me first start by saying how sorry I am to read of Echos story, my heart truly goes out to you and your family.

I had worked for a Vet. for ( 4 ) years and saw some very sad animals come through that building and it made me realize something.

They depend on us, to care for them!. They love us unconditionally and are always there for us when we are sad, happy, or just there.

My belief is, the longer you wait the longer Echo suffers, he knows you love him and will do the right thing, even though it will be hard for both of you.

Given the choice what might he do for you??

With this thought in mind, I think that it is kinder to put him down, rather than see him suffer, they (the vet. & techs.) will let you be with him through the entire process and they are so caring about it, as he is a Family member and they know this.

When I had no choice for my dog Jack, it was out of love for him that I had him put down, he gave me more than he knew and I felt it was important for me to give back even more in his time of sadness and pain.

So, I did have him put to “sleep”, the Vet, was so gentle and it was a pleasant passing as I was right there with him til the end and I believe in my heart he knew I was doing it because I had loved him so much.. yes, it was one of the most painful times I had ever had putting a pet down.

I had recently lost my father who adored Jack, and I felt that they would be together again, free of pain and full of love and appreciation.

As for your daughter, you must explain that it is out of Love for Echo that you need to do this because, he is suffering and sadly she needs to learn the sad affairs of owning a dog and being loving and responsible to them.

It will take her some time, and yes, some people say a “new” dog is a good start, especially if it is a rescue, as they are all needing and wanting loving families and this is what you can provide for your daughter in the memory of Echo.

Wouldn’t he want the chance for another dog to experience the love, and kindness you all had given him throughout his life?

It’s just as sad as losing a person, family member,or a friend but, we don’t “replace them, so to speak” we learn to celebrate their lives and love for us and others.

So, to you my sweet Mom, I think the best thing you can do for Echo, is something you already have known and you really shouldn’t wait too much longer.

Animals like people I believe, know when their ready to leave and go to god, and Echo is maybe in his own way trying to tell you this. So, let your daughter know he’ll miss her too but, that where he will be going is best for him now, as he will be free of pain and sadness in his heart and that god and all his loving Angles will be there for him to go on his journey, just like us humans.

My heart goes out to you and I will pray for Echo and your family as well. I hope I have helped you some in making your very hard decision.

Please feel free to email me anytime, I will respond and be here for you~~

Linda Betances

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