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By Margie


I also had a beloved four legged friend who developed chest cancer, I to wasn’t sure what to do.

I took Casie home after the vet told me she had cancer.

Gave her medicine and it help for a few days and I was really happy thought she was going to be ok.

Made every type of food for her to eat, took her for small walks she loved her walks.

The only think she like was a roasted chicken from this one grocery store and the she slowly gave that up.

She start bleeding when she went out and wouldnt really move alot any more and look very sad and I even think scared, Casie had also turned blind a few years before this.

I would lay with her every night to let her know I was hear for her.

She wasn’t in pain but she was just slowly dying.

So one night I ask her to please let me know if and when she was ready to go to sleep I couldnt do this by myself I needed her help.

That weekend she stop eating all together wasnt wagging her tail anymore and I knew.

The next day,2 weeks later, I put my best friend to sleep.

Two and half years later I still cry for her.

It is not selfish for us to try to keep are beloved family members with was.

Echo will tell you when he is ready to go.

But if he is in the pain he is in then it is time to let him go don’t let him suffer anymore Believe me easier said then done.

God I know how hard it is! I did it twice already and I to more dogs.

I was worry about my older dog Jakie the Vet said he could go into a depression .

So fearing this I went to my local shelter saw this abused under nourished dog and found Tobie.

His big brown eyes and one floppy ear caught my eye.

Tobie doesnt take Casie’s place put he sure fills the whole in my heart.

I wish you the best and pray you make the right choice for you, your family and Echo.

New Jersey

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