What Would You Do? – Yoca Taveras

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By Yoca Taveras

I could not stop crying while reading this story.

I can only imagine how Margaret is feeling right now.

I adore my dog and would do anything to make sure he is taken care of, therefore the last thing I would like to see is him suffering.

Not only this will break my heart, but it will slowly but shortly kill me too.

I feel that Echo provided you with 14 precious years of his life and I am sure that in those 14 years you did everything possible to make sure he was a very happy pup.

His life is fading and his body is hurting.

Why make his last days painful?

I am sure your 5 year old daughter will understand a bit later how painful his days are with this illness.

I would not be able to see my baby in pain.

It will emotionally hurt me more than him!!

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