Whose Love is More Important to You: Your Dog’s or Your Spouse’s?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s that time of the year when the cupid is shooting arrows, chocolate is plentiful, and restaurant tables are decorated with roses.

The love is in the air…

But are you single on this V-Day?

Ah… it’s ok, a plenty of us are.

In fact, being single is the new hip cool thing on valentine’s day. More so, singles with PETS.

Take the British, for example.

The Brits, like the Americans, are quite FOND of their pets.

In fact, in a survey, the British people reported:

80% of dog owners for example said they would not date someone who didn’t like their pet

20% of the 3,000 pet owners surveyed would rather have an animal companion than a relationship, while couples who own a pet together also seem to be more interested in their animal than their other half

36% said they stroked their furry friends more than they touched their partners

17% said they would rather be around their pet than their partner, with 19 per cent even admitting to loving their animal more than their significant other

29% said that they would rather have a dog or cat than a child


Forget online dating. Go on a date with you pet on this V-Day instead! 😉

In fact, while on the date, you can sing this song to your dog:

So answer this: WHAT IS more important to you on this “love day”? Love from your pet or having a romantic relationship?


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  • danielle

    that was cute

  • Wanda Yee

    It’s so true about not dating anyone unless that person likes my dog. I haven’t been in a relationship in 4 years because every man I’ve gone out with, somehow, feel threatened by my relationship with my dog. I have a great time with my family and friends. My dog enjoys being around family and freinds. But my dog senses an insecurity with the men and the men don’t even want her in the same room with them… I guess my dog is a good judge of character…Lol!

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