Why Our Dogs Should Be Our Kids’ Teachers – Part 1

Unless you live in a hole in the ground (in which case, welcome to life!), I’m guessing you’ve heard that the education system sucks.

Yeap, our kids’ grades aren’t doing so hot.

Instead of pointing fingers and blaming each other for who’s responsible, why don’t we spend the time and energy to teach them what REALLY matters?

For example, teachers are REALLY busy. And parents? Even more so.

So let’s teach “not so smart kids” how to teach themselves without any parental supervision:

Ok ok, I kid.

But seriously.. why don’t we teach them what really matters?

Like, LIFE!

I’m no Yoda, but here are some things I’ve personally learned from the greatest life teacher of all time: my DOG.

1. Celebrate life, EVERY DAY, no matter what the occasion:

Why are we even educating our kids?

So they can get good jobs and have a good life, right?

So what’s the end result of those things? HAPPINESS!

So why not fast forward and teach them what they’re striving for anyway.

Things not going your way? Be happy anyway. Have faith that things WILL get better.

Have the flu? Be happy anyway. You’re still alive!

Missed your meeting? Be happy anyway. Now you can use the free time to be connected with nature and watch a squirrel enjoying a nut.

2. Be there for someone. Even if you have no idea what’s eating them.

Sometimes, being there for someone makes the greatest difference.

Take Dawn for instance. Her “normal” life was literally ripped away in an shooting incident where the criminals left her paralyzed for life.

Dawn’s service dog Devoted doesn’t talk to her.

Devoted is just THERE… being there is all he has to do.

You don’t have to be Tony Robbins. You don’t have to be Joel Osteen. You don’t have to know what to say and how to say it…

All you gotta do is just BE there for someone who needs you.

3. Love unconditionally.

We live in a world where your “worth” has to be proven to receive love.

Love IF you get this.. love IF you have this.. love IF you achieve that.

But is that the love we want? Love that you can receive if you do something?

No, that’s not true love. So would that be the love we would want our kids to receive or, God forbid, to give?

Love is not an act.

Love is who we are.

And unconditional love is the ONLY love we should be giving and receiving, much like the one we get from our dogs.

Dogs (“God” in reverse) have figured it out.

Let’s learn from them.

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