Woman Punches Bear in Face to Save Her Dog

And you thought YOU were a crazy dog owner..

Meet Brook Collin and her dog Fudge.

It was a typical Sunday in Juneau, Alaska

Fudge was playing outside while Brook was tending to her house duties.

Then a YELP.

Almost as if Fudge was getting attacked.

Who was bothering Fudge?

.. or rather eating Fudge? (wait, I thought bears can’t eat chocolate. Sorry the pun will never stop)

Brook came outside and noticed…

An alaskan black bear had the dog in its mouth

Most people would just scream and make lots of noise to try and scare the bear off.


Not Brook.

She PUNCHED the bear in its nose.

I was screaming to startle the bear and ran up to it thinking if I got close to it, it would run off, but I got within inches and it still wouldn’t go, so I punched it in the nose

I remembered hearing that if you punch a shark in the nose it’ll go away, and so I punched it in the nose

I love my dog. Nobody could watch their pet die.

Good thing Brook played Punch Out when she was young.

Isn’t Fudge lucky to have a heroic animal lover as an owner?

Fudge should be lucky it didn’t get a sharp object, like a bear’s tooth, through its head.. like that dog Bella.

I’m going to have to train my dog to fend for itself, like this dog:

Source: http://abcnews.go.com/US/alaska-woman-punches-bear-nose/story?id=14427704

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