Woohoo! Proposition B in Missouri Passed!

The Proposition B in Missouri to raise living standards for puppies and raise fines/penalty for puppy mills and breeders has PASSED!

Yay: 993,860 (51.6%)

Nay: 933,540 (48.4%)

On a cynical note, I wonder why anyone would actually veto a bill that would enhance humanity.

Ok enough cynicism, time to party!

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  • barbara

    This is not good enough! do you really believe this will change anything? fines? puppy mills and breeders need to be closed down for good. breeding needs to be outlawed
    with so many great dogs(9 million)being euthanized every single day! yeah,yeah so they increased the fine, wow. do you seriously think the dogs are better off?

    • taewoo

      Hi Barbara. we wholeheartedly agree with you.
      Unfortunately, the puppy mills are only responding to the demands of the market. There is as much blame on the buyers as much as there is on the people who profit from it. We, at Pawshpal, would LOVE to see everyone go for adoption instead of walking into dog stores. As much as we would like ALL puppy mills to go away overnight, this IS the right step in the more permanent solution.

      Let’s keep pressing on. Keep telling your friends. Keep sharing these stories so that our voices are heard and our beloved animals’ rights are protected.

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