Would You Put Your Dog Down If It Was Plotting to Kill You?

Is the dog man’s best friend?

If you watched the episode “All Dogs go to Heaven” from the TV show “Supernatural, you’ll think otherwise.

In that episode, you’ll notice evil dogs secretly plotting to kill their owners.

Ok granted that it’s a science fiction and a Hollywood made up TV show, but seriously, what if your dog was secretly trained by some secret terrorist organization (like the dog suicide bomber) to kill you?

But of course, your dog wouldn’t do it right away. It will be your friend first: cuddle with you, jog with you, play with you, play fetch with you, beg for treats, look cute, lick your face, and yes… sleep in same bed with you.

When he has your complete trust, BAM! You won’t even know how he did it.

I’m no CSI detective, but here are some ways your dog will take you out

– Karate kick to the head – You shouldn’t have adopted Jackie Chan’s dog.

– Lethal poison to the neck – Your dog licking your face is just a distraction from the real job of checking you for your neck veins. The lethal Chihuahua assassins are out to get you, quietly.

– Good old machine gun – Why do you think he likes to stick his head out the window in the car? The wind reminds him of his glory days from Vietnam when he served as a helicopter machine gun operator.

But, in all seriousness…

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If you have other answers, feel free to share them in the comment box below.

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