Your dog fetches beer? This dog fetches grenades

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commander chihuahua… and I thought police K-9 dogs are awesome.

According to the German public broadcasting system WDR, a dog dug up a live American hand grenade from World War II on Sunday, June 7, 2009. The pup was taking a walk with its owner, a 40-year-old woman, in the German town of Erkrath, 5 miles east of Düsseldorf, sniffing and playing at a riverbank. He proudly presented a found treasure to his mom, letting go of it when asked. The owner, recognizing her dog’s trove as a rusty grenade, called the police and waited until the police arrived. A bomb disposal unit, assisting at the scene, evaluated the grenade as still in working condition and very dangerous.

Here’s the odd thing: how did the dog smell the grenade? If I presented a dog with a piece of scrap metal, I am certain he won’t just put it in its mouth and carry it home. My guess? Probably blood from WWII.

Dogs. Just amazing.

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