Your Puppy Will Eat You ALIVE

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Ok, technically not WHOLE you..

In Roseburg, Oregon, a diabetic man woke up without his toes.

What happened, you ask?

His dogs ATE them.

People with diabetes can sometimes have infection in their foot or gangrene, which can lead to severe infection and even amputation.

In fact, the dog may have been trying to save the owner by eating his dead tissues.

Weirded out yet?

Get this. This is NOT the first time this happened.

In August of 2010, there was ANOTHER man in Michigan whose dog ALSO ate his toes.

This man, who did not know he was diabetic, stubbornly refused to seek medical help when his nurse wife told him to check out the infected toe.

One night, he got drunk and passed out. That night, his dog decided to feast on his toes, which probably saved the rest of the man’s foot from permanent amputation.

In both stories, the dog pretty much saved the owner’s life.. yes, by eating them.

Let’s hope that these dogs don’t find out that our human ancestors ate their dog ancestors. (Nope, the dogs didn’t have diabetes.)


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