Heard of Dog Birthday Parties? How about “Bark Mitzvahs”?

Yes, dogs are awesome.

So awesome, that people throw birthday parties for our four legged pooches, EVERY DAY.

In fact, there are businesses springing up all over the country that are serving us not clinically but definitely insane passionate dog lovers willing to spend money on dog birthday parties.

Dog cakes, dog party treats, dog party games, dog party THEMES (apparently, “princess” theme where dogs donning tiaras and all-pink decorations are the most popular), dog PINATAs, etc. The list goes ON and ON and ON.

In fact, there are now “canine party planners” charging hundreds of dollars to organize them, including high-end soirees in which owners rent limos for their dogs and guests.

Ok, I’ve seen prety far fetched dog birthday parties, but get this: BARK MITZVAH.

If you’re not familiar with Jewish customs, “Bar” Mitzvah is when Jewish children reach 13 years of age for boys and 12 years of age for girls, they become responsible for their actions. They become “adults”, so to speak.

“Bark” Mitvah, apparently, is the same concept. In fact, there’s a Wikipedia article on the subject: (src)

A Bark Mitzvah is a pseudo-traditional observance and celebration of a dog’s coming of age, as in the Jewish traditional Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah. The term has been in use since at least as early as 1997, and Bark Mitzvahs are sometimes held as an adjunct to the festival of Purim.

Here’s a parody video of a bark mitzvah.

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